Certification no. M-32-01

Our full service laboratory provides water analyses for environmental drinking water compliance, swimming pools, water treatment systems, and water conditioning systems. laboratory (certification no. M-32-01).  We offer a wide-range of analytical testing on all water types.  Some of the analyses we offer are as follows:

  • Indiana drinking water certified (Lab ID. M-32-01)
  • Dedicated to quality and customer service
  • Flexible and customer oriented
  • Offers compliance reporting to IDEM and Health Departments

Analytical services for:

  • Complete Heavy Metals Analysis
  • Total Coliform & E. coli  Bacteria Analysis
  • Legionella Bacteria Analysis
  • Heterotrophic Plate Count Analysis
  • Water Softener Resin Analysis
  • Legionella Bacteria Analysis
  • Scale & Deposit Analysis
  • Corrosion Coupon Analysis