Get to know Delta's Safe Chemical Deliverables

Delta Water Managment Group's core safe water chemical treatment services for Indiana are listed below.

Pre-Treatment Program

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Delta can engineer pre-treatment systems to increase/better your water quality and minimize your operating costs.

Delta can custom design Pre-treatment systems for your application, whether it be in the Commercial, Institutional or Industrial arena. Our solutions will increase your overall water quality, improve operating costs, and reduce water consumption in most circumstances. Approaches include commercial and industrial softeners, RO equipment, resins, filtration, etc.

Delta is committed to Green Solutions and to Water Sustainability. We will work as a solid partner with our customers to meet or exceed their internal Sustainability goals.

Boiler Water Treatment Program

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Service and Products with guaranteed results

Delta Boiler Water Treatment Program is designed to minimize scale and corrosion while also increasing system performance.

Boiler feed water is the basis on which the combustion process is built. It is the combination of your feedwater and the heat from your burner which are the primary components of the combustion process. Your boiler water has three major jobs, i.e. provide continuous heat exchange, provide corrosion protection, produce high-quality steam. Boiler water treatment and/or conditioning are essential to attain these goals.

  • External treatment is needed when impurities (hardness, silica, oxygen, etc.) in the feed water are detrimental to robust and prolonged boiler operation. Approaches can include filtration, deaeration, softening, oxygen scavengers, etc.
  • Internal boiler treatment increases efficiency through effective deposit and corrosion control with Delta's State-of-the Art boiler blends. We can evaluate your process and provide an environmentally acceptable, all organic treatment approach to ensure optimized performance. Our solutions will ensure the availability of your steam while reducing the total cost of ownership and environmental footprint through energy and water savings.

Cooling Water Treatment Program

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Service and Products with guaranteed results

Delta Cooling Water Treatment Program is designed to minimize scale and corrosion while also increasing system performance.

  • The primary objectives of cooling water treatment are to maintain the operating efficiency of the cooling tower, protect the equipment that contacts the cooling water, and minimize water usage. These objectives are accomplished by controlling and/or minimizing deposition, corrosion, and microbiological growth within the cooling system. If you have performance issues with any one of these three, it will detrimentally impact the others contributing to higher operating costs, unacceptable shutdowns, and increased water utilization.
  • Delta's unique cooling blends specifically inhibit the most common cooling water sealants (carbonate, phosphate, etc.) while also dispersing any particulates which may enter your cooling loop. These products incorporate effective corrosion inhibitors for mixed metal systems (steel and copper alloys). We also have formulations to address closed loop applications.
  • Delta will audit your application and design a program specifically for your water application. Also, all Delta products are organic and environmentally acceptable.

Wastewater Treatment Programs

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Municipal water services

Industrial plants generally try to minimize the volumes of wastewater that they generate. Inevitably, they do result in the production of some wastewater which must be treated, especially if there are environmental implications. Likewise, resource recovery stimulates industry to action for reasons of water reuse. After treating the water to meet discharge requirements, the water may be too valuable to discard and reuse opportunities aid in reducing operational costs. Wastewaters generally contain organic and inorganic matter. These include nitrogen compounds, metals, acids, alkalis, and solids.

For the discharge of organics, the amount that can be safely absorbed is defined by the effect on the dissolved oxygen level in the water. Organisms in the water use the organic matter as its food source. In the biochemical reaction, dissolved oxygen is consumed as the end products of water and carbon dioxide are formed. Under severe conditions when oxygen concentrations reach zero, the water become darkly discolored and will possess a very foul odor, such as the rotten egg smell of hydrogen sulfide. Nitrogen compounds can behave the same as carbon-containing organic compounds. Ammonia can act as a food source for certain organisms than those using carbon compounds with oxygen being consumed in the reaction also. Both phosphorus and nitrogen can also be a limiting nutrient fo the growth of aquatic plants such as algae. These are photosynthetic, producing oxygen during the day. However, they consume oxygen at night.

Solids discharged with a waste stream may settle quickly at the point of discharge or it may stay suspended in the water. Settled solids cover the bottom-dwelling organisms, causing disruptions in population as well as building a reservoir of oxygen consuming materials. These solids also increase water turbidity which inhibits light. Deprived of light, photosynthetic organisms can die off.

Discharge of acids or alkalis destroy the natural buffering capacity of a water source resulting in large swings in pH which can have a detrimental effect on aquatic life. Also, variable pH water can result in corrosion and/or deposition. Finally, many metals are toxic to aquatic life while also being a cause of product quality problems for many industries. Whichever wastewater issue is impacting your facility, Delta can assess your operations at no cost and design a Wastewater Treatment Solution tailored specifically to meet your quality goals. Contact us for a free Wastewater survey.

Additional Services

Delivery Services

  • Delta deliveries products and equipment to point-of-use at each facility to eliminate customer headaches.
  • Delta delivers all products and equipment to point-of use at each facility and pride ourselves with on-time delivery avoiding any runout situation.

Testing Equipment & Reagents

  • Delta provides all testing equipment and reagents required for each water treatment program.
  • All testing reagents are provided at no additional charge to the customer.
  • Delta provides all testing essentials/reagents necessary for each water treatment program. All reagents are provided at no additional charge. All customers will receive a timely service report for each service visit with our test results that day with any necessary operational recommendations.

Field Testing services and Water Process Training

  • Our programs include all field testing and training of owners personnel.
  • Delta water will provide field testing and training to all necessary plant personnel. Yearly refreshers will also be conducted as well as training for all new hires.