Get to know Delta's People

Delta Water Managment Group's Expertise.

Frank Donavan, Jr.
Delta Water Management Group
President & Owner


Frank is the second-generation owner of Delta Water, founded in 1985, by his father, Frank Donavan Senior. Delta specializes in water purification and chemical treatment. Frank Jr. took over the business in 2001 and in 2005 focused on the expansion of Delta’s chemical treatment line for Boiler and Cooling applications.

Aside from his chemical expertise, Frank’s main forte is on the equipment side of the business, i.e. media filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis, WAC systems, water treatment controllers, pumps, feed equipment monitoring, etc. Since 2005, he has continued to build a solid team of chemistry experts familiar with all industrial segments.

Today, Delta utilizes state-of-the-art chemistries which are able to compete against larger, national water treatment companies. However, the “Delta Difference” is that we deliver the same chemistries/results to all our customers equally, independent of size. Frank prides himself on giving each customer personalized, tailored solutions which are more cost effective, relative to other vendors. Guaranteed.

In 2021, Frank launched a Wastewater Product Line allowing Delta to be a “One-Provider Vendor”, able to meet all his customers’ water needs.

Lisa Robertson B. S. Biology from Ball State University Laboratory Director & Operations Manager


Lisa has over two decades experience with regard to water treatment testing, environmental compliance, and providing guidance for our entire customer base (residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial). She leads a certified laboratory performing all inorganic and organic test protocols, as well as all biological assessments, i.e. Legionella, Total Coliform, E. Coli, Legionella, heterotrophic plate count analysis, etc. Her laboratory is also responsibility for all deposit, corrosion, and metallurgical analysis and reporting. She is an active member of AWT.

Stephen M. KesslerB. S. Chemical Engineering from Drexel UniversityTechnical Sales Leader

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Stephen has over 30 years Industrial Water Treatment experience gained during his tenure at Betz Laboratories through GE Water. He assisted identifying, developing, and deploying chemical solutions utilized today while in various roles, i.e. R&D, Product Management, Global Corporate Sales, and Technical Director.  He is very customer focused with all industrial segments, whether it is commercial, institutional, or industrial applications. He has authored numerous Patents and Technical Papers relating to his specialty which is Cooling and Boiler Water Treatment.

John W. CookB. S. Chemical Engineering from Clemson UniversityWater Consultant


John has more than 20 years’ experience in Industrial Water Treatment supporting water applications in all industrial, commercial, and institutional segments present in the Midwest.  He has served as a Technical and Sales Leader consistently during his career and has a demonstrated record of successfully troubleshooting all types of operating issues.  John emphasizes the need to establish successful partnerships with his client teams and will be consulting with Delta clients and prospects across the Midwest.